Reverse Engineer Your Volleyball Season

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A worksheet for coaches trying to set season goals.

I’m getting ready for tryouts, and I know a lot of you are too! While I think it is important to know who will be on your team before you come up with team goals, coming up with coaching goals for yourself will help you focus on what you’re actually looking for during tryouts!

Reverse Engineer Your Volleyball Season: A worksheet for coaches trying to set season goals.

Stepping outside of the volleyball world for a moment, I’d like to mention how much I am motivated by Gary Vaynerchuk (often referred to as Gary Vee). If you would like to learn more about him, you can visit his website here:

I bring up Gary Vee because I felt a great deal of motivation this morning after getting my daily dose of Instagram, and seeing his picture with a quote which said, “Reverse engineer everything you want in life.”

I, of course, applied this to the upcoming volleyball season right away. Continue reading