Not Teaching Your Team a Skill Because They’re “Not Ready” Is a Disservice

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I came to a realization last week that upset me. My team that I am currently coaching has been struggling this year to master foundational skills. They are an older team who should have stronger passing skills, and the group’s weakness in this area has led to weaknesses in all areas. If you can’t pass, you have a hard time setting, and with off sets, it’s hard to work on hitting. Struggling hitters do not challenge blockers or defensive systems, and you can see the snowball effect the weakness in passing has had on my team.

Not Teaching Your Team a Skill Because They're "Not Ready" is a Disservice

So when my team asked if we could start running plays (only the club players had experience with plays at this point) I’m going to guess that you know what my answer was. It was a firm, strong, “No.” Not only did I tell them no, I told them, “You’re not ready for that.” Continue reading