Teaching Young Players How to Pass a Volleyball

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Passing. The very first thing we all have to learn in order to advance to any other skill. As much as every young player wants to spend entire practice sessions running through hitting lines, it is important to instill a love of passing in your team.

Teaching Young Players How to Pass a Volleyball

We’ve all heard the saying, “it starts with a pass,” and we’ve probably heard ourselves repeating this little nugget of wisdom once we get into the role of coaching. But think back to when you were a player. Did that quote inspire you? Motivate you? Even matter to you? Probably not.

Telling players that passing is important is not the way to inspire them to work harder at the skill. The way that I have found to encourage players to work harder on their passing is to spend individual time with each of them correcting their skill, and showing them that they can succeed. Little victories are the key to development. Continue reading