Playlists for Your Volleyball Team: 2011

19 Jul

New playlists always get you pumped up before your game or practice.  These new songs are sure to get you and your teammates warmed up before matches!

Very upbeat:

Party Rock Anthem – LMFAO

On The Floor – Jennifer Lopez


Run The World (Girls) – Beyonce

Till The World Ends – Britney Spears

Edge Of Glory – Lady Gaga

Kind of chill but still gets you pumped:

The Show Goes On – Lupe Fiasco

Just Can’t Get Enough – Black Eyed Peas

Look At Me Now – Chris Brown

If you’re making a playlist for your team for warm ups, you should run out to something pretty intense, then a more low key song, and mix the intensity levels depending on when you want the music to be most exciting. (Hint: not when the other team has the court and is hitting!)

For personal use for workouts, you should start pretty low key and work into the intense songs slowly. After your most intense song, one or two slower songs should help you cool down.

What other new songs are on your playlist?

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